Celebrating 17 Years of Relentless Service towards Nation

We Take Inspiration from the teaching of Swami Vivekanand:
“Swami Vivekananda was a great observer of the human mind and the human society at large. He understood that undertaking any social change needed enormous energy and will. Hence he called upon the youth to not only build up their mental energies, but their physical ones as well. He wanted ‘muscles of iron’ as well as ‘nerves of steel.’ He was also practical enough in warning the young of the pitfalls ahead and the way Society reacts to such endeavors. To quote him:

“All good work has to go through three stages. First comes ridicule, then the stage of opposition and finally comes acceptance.”

What the young need is the purity, patience and the perseverance to go through these stages in whatever they do. Society, though slow and sometimes treacherous in its reactions, finally comes around and accepts the good work that goes on for its own sake.” Inspired by this we started our Journey on 26th September 1995…We need your good wishes to serve the citizen of India….